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Welcome Inquiring Artists

Thank you for your interest in LEON LOARD COMMISSIONED PORTRAITS (LLCP) and for submitting your portfolio for our review. For over one half century, we have continued to represent some of the nation's finest portrait painters. We are now in our 2nd generation and have aspirations to continue this tradition for another half century or more. The artists we represent only paint in oil and we believe that this special distinction sets our group apart in the broad field of portrait mediums. Having a portrait painted in oil is the epitome of portraiture. The group of artists we represent is intentionally small in contrast to other agencies so we can more personally and effectively represent these distinguished painters. We desire to represent the very best painters in the world who paint portraits in oil.

We are currently interested in expanding our group to no more than 30 artists and we have established the following criteria for interested artists to follow. Our Company Officers will carefully review each submitted artist portfolio and contact you if we prefer to see a portrait sample. If we believe that we can effectively represent you to our clients and we can enjoy a mutually beneficial business relationship, we will invite you to join our professional group of artists. Please read all the information listed below before contacting us or submitting a portfolio.

Portfolio Review

• The DEADLINE for portfolio submission is no later than November 30. Portfolios received after November 30, will be held and reviewed the following year. We recommend that you target the submission of your portfolio by November 1. This additional time should ensure that you meet the DEADLINE.

• Portfolios should be mailed to our Corporate Office at:

ATTN: Joy Loard McRae, Vice-President of LLCP
P.O. Box 230216
Montgomery, AL 36123

• Our Officers, Arnold McRae and Joy Loard McRae will review all portfolios, and will make all related decisions regarding same.

• Possibility of Officer's review of a portrait sample, February 15 - 28. If selected for this review, you may be contacted to ship a portrait sample to us (at your expense) for our review. After viewing your portrait sample, our Officers will make the final portrait artist selection(s) by March 15. If we believe that we can effectively represent you to our clients and we can enjoy a mutually beneficial business relationship, we will notify you in writing by March 31 and invite you to join our prestigious group of artists. If you accept our invitation, we may request that a portrait sample(s) be made available to us to share with prospective clients.

Portfolio Contents

• $25. Application Fee. No portfolio will be considered without the application fee. Make check payable to LEON LOARD COMMISSIONED PORTRAITS.

•Return Mailer with correct postage, address, and daytime phone number must accompany your portfolio.

•Resume with a biography, painting style and method description, a current listing of the agencies that represent you, a current listing of your current portrait fees, your travel requirements both nationally and internationally, and a list of your awards, exhibitions or related publications.

• Your portfolio should contain a minimum of 10 but no more than 15 recent oil portrait examples with a description of size. Be sure to include the reference photograph(s) for each example so we can verify the likeness. Although your painting style is very, very important, the subject's likeness is the single most important element of an oil portrait.

• Your portfolio may be submitted in quality 5x7 inch or 8x10 inch color photographs. You may also submit your portfolio via a properly labeled CD or DVD (no video).

• Please do not send slides, transparencies, original artwork, or videos in VHS or DVD format. We do not review websites

Important Details

• Your portfolio should be returned by April 15 in the pre-paid postage mailer that you provide. We are not responsible for returning any portfolio that does not include return postage.

• (If we request a portrait sample), your portrait sample should be returned by April 15 in the box or container that you provide. We will return your portrait sample to you COD and if the portrait sample requires shipment by bus, you must pre-pay the shipping fee, etc. (This detail may vary only if other arrangements have been mutually agreed upon in writing)

• We will not accept responsibility for postage. If your portfolio is submitted and no return envelope or postage is included, your portfolio will be discarded.

• We are not responsible for any damage to a portfolio or portrait sample while in transit. We recommend that you insure your portfolio and portrait prior to mailing or shipment.

• Due to the tremendous volume of artists' portfolios and the related necessary review time, we apologize that we are unable to provide any critique whatsoever of your portfolio.

• Thank you for your interest in being represented by LEON LOARD COMMISSIONED PORTRAITS. We will review your portfolio with careful consideration.


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