Framing the Portrait

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LEON LOARD OIL PORTRAITS commitment to its patrons extends far beyond the completion of the portrait. A selection of skillfully handcrafted gold leaf frames has been especially designed to complement the portraits of LEON LOARD OIL PORTRAITS. Click to view LEON LOARD™ Museum Quality Frames catalog. These frames are available in a variety of styles and finishes from the finest frame houses in the world. We also offer a less expensive collection of custom portrait framing. Click to view LEON LOARD™ Signature Frames catalog.

The LEON LOARD OIL PORTRAITS Artists Representatives are knowledgeable as to how to determine the width appropriate for each portrait, as well as, advising clients on the finish and style that best complement each individual portrait. These representatives are also experienced in selecting frames best suited for the client's home or office interior. The appropriate frame finish can either enhance or detract from the portrait. It is most important to rely on the knowledgeable advice of your LEON LOARD OIL PORTRAITS Artists Representative in making this final decision of the portrait process.

The L.M. Castner Company, Inc. began in 1882 in Williamsport, Pennsylvania owned by the Castner family. In the mid-1940s, Peter Radin, an industrial designer employed by the Hagermann Mirror Company as an intricate designer of cut and colored mirrors, purchased the Castner frame company. Within a year after the purchase, Peter moved the Castner Company to Cincinnati, Ohio, and his daughter Carol, plus several superior craftsman, worked together to continue the “Old World” tradition of creating beautiful custom gold leaf portrait frames.

Raw poplar wood molding is mitre-cut to the custom size and hand joined using glue and nails. Intricate, classic ornaments cast from our collection of antique moulds are applied by hand. The frames are hand sanded carefully and with close attention to detail until perfectly smooth. Many coats of sealers are sprayed and finally an overnight size is applied by hand. This size, which is imported from France, acts as the adhesive which makes the Italian Schlagmetal, gold metal leaf, adhere to the frames, Hand beaten metal leaf is applied the following day, one leaf at a time to cover the entire frame. This process is known as "gilding". The gold leaf frames are rubbed perfectly smooth, and polished using a very soft cloth coated with bees wax. After spraying with sealer, the frames are ready to be expertly antiqued with a multitude of color shades available from our extensive line of finishes.

In the fall of 2013, Craig Hackman, owner of Hackman Frame Company in Columbus, Ohio, began creating the handcrafted historic line of custom Castner oil portrait frames.

The Husar Picture Frame Company was established in 1934 by Ervin A. Husar, who was formerly associated with the Newcomb Macklin Company. Today, nearly fifty years later and in its third generation, Husar remains family owned and operated, maintaining the high standards of quality for which it has been known throughout its history.

All Husar frames and moldings are skillfully handcrafted and hand finished. Each stage of the manufacturing process is carefully controlled. The fine quality that can only come from many years of pride and dedicated experience shows in each frame, each stick of length molding, and each chop. Distinctive finishes over gold and silver metal leaf provide the most exciting and dynamic framing selections at a cost your clients will appreciate.


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