Portraits from Existing Images

A posthumous Gallery Canvas™ or Studio Painting™ portrait can be created using an existing image as a reference tool, depending on the condition of the image itself and the clarity of the subject's facial features. Our talented artists can create a beautiful portrait as a lasting tribute for a family member or business leader who is no longer living.

We often encounter situations where clients desire a portrait of a loved one at a younger age. For instance, if you are having a portrait of a younger child, and an older child has already passed the desired age for a child's portrait, a beautiful portrait can still be painted.

Our Staff will scan the respective image(s) and this image(s) becomes the digital image basis for the to-be-painted portrait. Then, one of our skilled artists paints the subtle digital image that has been printed on the canvas provided from selected image(s), ensuring a genuine likeness. Clients may elect to have a detailed background painted depicting special elements from their home or other described setting.

Gallery Canvas™ by artist, Jie Ruan


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