LaRue Haigler

This message was originally sent early Thursday morning, 1.6.05 to friends regarding the death of LaRue Haigler, co-owner of LEON LOARD, by Arnold McRae, co-owner of LEON LOARD.

Dear Friends: (Please forward this email to others if they knew LaRue too. Thanks.)

Rooster, my dear brother-in-law and business partner died this morning at 2:00 am and I am sure he is heaven. His strong Christian faith was a wonderful inspiration to others and me over the last 6 months. I had the wonderful opportunity to visit with him at his home often and he would say things to me and others like..."I know that God means this for good..." and "God is in control. I ask for your prayers to comfort my family and that knowing we have a loving God we humbly accept that his will be done." and "I thank you for continuing to be here for me, and for being with me on this mini journey, which is a real growth experience! I can't wait to see what the Lord's got planned for me when this is over. Have a wonderful week and keep me in your thoughts and prayers-You're in mine.".......... I invite you to visit his blog where you may read his journal and read comments that others have made over the last several months. The link is

Many of you know that Rooster was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer in his left lung only, in mid-June. He had several months of successful radiation and chemotherapy treatment and although the left lung tumors were eventually eradicated, the deadly cancer appeared 6+ weeks ago in his spine, a rib and his right upper femur. Shortly thereafter he acquired pneumonia and radiation pneumonitis and that greatly complicated his ability to breathe. He was admitted to the hospital with breathing complications on 12.14.05. The cancer went untreated after this admission and the pain in his bones became excruciating. Noni, LaRue Jr., other family and I were able to spend some wonderful moments with him these last few days. For me personally, we were able to communicate as I shared stories...we smiled, laughed and cried.

Rooster was truly like a brother to me. He had 2 older sisters and was the youngest....and I have 2 older sisters and am the youngest. He was my best friend ... there was simply nothing that we would not share. He was a sweet, sweet man. I will miss him greatly. Attached is a picture I found recently that shows Rooster in the fall of 2003, looking good as I will always remember him. Our wonderful portrait business is strong and will continue but we will always miss Rooster.

All are invited. Visitation is scheduled from 1:00-2:00 pm and the service to follow at 2:00 on Saturday, 1.8.05 at The Church of the Ascension in Montgomery (315 Clanton Avenue). The graveside service is in Hayneville, AL.

Please pray for Rooster's family.

God bless Rooster's soul.



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