Corporate Portraits


There is no more suitable way to display an institution's high regard for its leaders than to document their likeness in oil on canvas. Portraiture has long served an effective means of recording history in government, corporations, Universities, churches and institutions.

Today, businesses of all sizes continue to turn to corporate portraits as a means of recording history. Portraits of departing presidents or directors have been placed on honored walls in corporate conference rooms and libraries for a permanent recognition, and have been given as treasured gifts to the family to show a company's appreciation for an individual's years of service.

Keeping in mind the time demands placed on the company's executive, LLCP is careful to make all the necessary arrangements in the most time efficient and convenient manner. Our commissioned portrait painters are sensitive to an executive's time and will work with the executive to maximize his or her time. We will assist you in your search for a portrait artist. Please call today at 1-800-270-9017 to request that an Artists Representative contact you.


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