Portrait Fees

Fees effective through 12.31.18 (prices subject to change)

Thank you for your interest in our oil portraits painted by our own professional, In-Studio artists at our Corporate Office and Artists' Studio in Montgomery, Alabama. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you and your family. LEON LOARD OIL PORTRAITS offers our beautiful handpainted Signature oil portraits, the Gallery Canvas™ and the Studio Painting™. All stages of requesting a portrait can be performed in the comfort and convenience of your home or office … from the no fee initial consultation, the portrait sitting, portrait order, to the delivery of your finished portrait. The entire procedure is designed to make the portrait process rewarding and pleasant for our clients. Our history of success pleasing clients and promoting our portraits enables the artist to concentrate on what he or she does best — painting.

THE GALLERY CANVAS™ . . . is painted with only quality oil colors in a loose, very painterly fashion by one of our senior, In-Studio skilled artists whom you select . . .

36" x 48" $5,995
36" x 42" $5,995
30" x 40" $5,495
30" x 36" $5,495
26" x 32" $4,995
24" x 30" $4,995
22" x 28" $4,995
20" x 24" bust $3,295

THE STUDIO PAINTING™ . . . primary Signature oil portrait of the In-Studio artists of LEON LOARD™ . . . has a more photorealistic, defined and exacting quality than a Gallery Canvas™.

36" x 48" $3,595
36" x 42" $3,395
30" x 40" $3,095
30" x 36" $2,595
26" x 32" $2,295
24" x 30" $2,095
22" x 28" $1,795
20" x 24" $1,595

  • All the prices above do not include sitting fee, additional background, additional subjects, framing, shipping and sales tax if applicable.

  • $300 non-refundable sitting fee (1st subject, each additional subject is $100 additional) must be received before sitting date week. Sitting fee can be paid through our website, http://www.leonloard.com/llop/booking.asp. One fee per portrait, per session. Re-sitting fee is $300. Sitting fee does not apply to portrait order. Portrait order/proofs are selected within 14 days of portrait sitting. Client may retain proofs only with portrait order. Image reproduction fee is $150.

  • 50% portrait order paid as a first payment, when portrait order/proofs selection is made. Balance paid when portrait is completed.

  • Additional % charge(s), based on the regular portrait price, are added to portrait order for a non-Old Masters background. E.g. Outdoor settings, furniture, staircases, rugs, etc.

  • Regular portrait prices above are 50% more per each additional subject in same portrait. Pets/animals are ordinarily 25% additional.

  • Portraits are generally shipped by FedEx. The price for shipping and handling portraits ranges from $85-$250+. Very large portraits may be shipped by bus, and are prepaid. All portraits have a shipping and handling fee, unless client picks up his/her portrait at our Corporate Office. All portraits picked up from the Corporate Office will be charged Montgomery, AL sales tax and, if adjustments are requested, client will be responsible for travel. All portraits are shipped in a custom-made box that protects the portrait (and frame) during shipping. Any photos and clothing used as a reference for the portrait will be included in the box. Please save this box and packing foam for at least 30 days, or until you are sure that the portrait requires no adjustments.

  • The LEON LOARD OIL PORTRAITS Artists Representative and Client acknowledge the projected completion time for each portrait. When a portrait has been completed and is ready to be shipped/delivered, client will receive notice stating same and balance due. Upon this notice, client agrees to accept portrait for delivery when shipped and pay the balance due COD or before portrait arrives.

  • If client does not pay the balance due within 30 days of notice, client will be responsible for a finance charge of 1.5% per month (18% per year) of the balance due. All portrait balances outstanding for more than 120 days will be referred to an attorney for collection. Client is responsible for all related attorney fees, court costs and finance charges.

  • Note: 3% convenience fee will be added to all credit card charges.

  • There is a $35 charge for returned checks.

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